Gnu Ears

We’ve successfully completed another orbit around the sun, and that usually means some kind of resolutions are made, etc. First, though, let’s see what I said about that last time.

While my “Year of the Side Game” didn’t go off quite as planned, I did meet some of the goals. Some of them got changed, though, so here’s a report.

  1. A Call to Arms: Star Fleet. I managed to finish my Klingon fleet, but due to complete lack of interest from anyone else, and some various rules issues with Mongoose, didn’t do any work on either Federation or Romulans. Might see about doing a few models of those, most likely the CAs, as I’ve got a couple of friends who are now semi-interested in Star Fleet Battles, which can use these minis, too.
  2. Anima Tactics. Painted a couple of models, no games.
  3. Alkemy. No movement on this one. Too many other things to do… ;)
  4. Relic Knights. Would have done something with this, but the Kickstarter slipped, twice, and still waiting on delivery. When it does come in, though, I’ll do some stuff with it.
  5. Malifaux. After seeing them make a switch to a second edition, and getting some preview of that at Gen Con, I pretty much decided to just count this one out. I’ve still got a few models, which I might paint up eventually for use as “something else,” but not really planning on playing this one.
  6. Batman: Arkham City Miniatures Game. Still think the models are awesome, but managed to avoid figmentia on this one and didn’t pick any up, mainly because I know selling another game on the group will be near impossible.

Not all is lost, however. Unexpected at the time of the original post, Wild West Exodus jumped on the Kickstarter scene, and actually delivered before the end of the year! I’ve already painted up a small Warrior Nation posse and even had a handful of games. With all of that, here are my plans for minis for 2014:

  1. Wild West Exodus. I have 4 factions I can field at least a 1250 Dollar (point cost, not actual cost) posse for, so that all has to get painted up. I also actually want to play this one, so might even see some battle reports. There are at least two other folks who picked some of this stuff up in the Kickstarter, one of whom I’ve played with already, and the other is itching to play, too, so shouldn’t be as hard a sell at the LGS.
  2. Warmachine/Hordes. I have a bunch of crap for this game. I managed to complete all my Gator stuff (as of current releases at the time of this writing), and that felt good, so I’m going to commit to keeping them fully painted, as well as push to finish all the Convergence of Cyriss stuff I currently have, and will inevitably collect as the year goes on.
  3. Relic Knights. This might eventually ship. When it does, I’ll get a couple of crews ready to go and get some games in.

Best wishes to all my readers for a prosperous 2014. May your dice be grand.

Aaaooooooouuuu, Werewolves!

A while back, I did a Kickstarter backing for a neat looking little game, Wild West Exodus. Well, the Kickstarter finished successfully, and I received my goodies around Thanksgiving. I’ve been assembling and painting and stuff, and here are some of my first models for WWX!

First, I did a 500 Dollar (that is, point cost in the game, not actual cost, lol) Warrior Nation posse. I figure I’ll do starter posses for all the factions I got (Warrior Nation, Lawmen, Outlaws, and Enlightened), then bulk each to a 750, then 1000, and so on. I certainly got plenty of models in the Kickstarter!

There are 5 Close Combat Braves, who are “Hired Hands,” 5 Long Range Braves, also Hired Hands, a Heavy Weapon Brave with a Gatling gun. How cool is it to have a Native American with a friggin’ Gatling gun? And finally, the Boss of the posse, Sitting Bull, who’s one of the coolest Werewolf models I’ve seen.

As a bonus, I also got Marshal McClain done, who’s a dual faction Lawmen/Outlaw dude. Can’t imagine who the inspiration for that model was. ;)

I’ve now got the Lawmen starter stuff all assembled and primed, so will be working on that next.

Blindwater Go!

Wrong Eye and Snapjaw

Not dead yet…

Sorry I haven’t gotten any posts up in a while. Was slammed with Gen Con (which was a blast, and I plan to write up some stuff about that eventually), then got the Con Crud, then got slammed with work. Things are settling out a bit and should be back to normal routine soon, so more pics of painted models coming, and some blathering on various other things, too. ;)